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Advantages of Ireland as a business location

Ireland is one of the most popular and profitable locations for multinational corporations wishing to invest in Europe.

These corporations are involved in a wide range of activities in sectors as diverse as IT, software development. financial services, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and international services. Ireland provides investors with high returns through a combination of one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world of 12.5%, structured tax reliefs for research and development, a highly skilled and flexible workforce and a competitive cost economy.

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BRANCH  - Foreign Company’s doing business in Ireland 

If you are planning to having an Irish employee payrolled in Ireland or you are looking to set up

A trading business without setting up a permanent legal entity, a Branch structure is the best option.

We can advise you on all the necessary documents required for setting up the branch and the application with the company’s office. 

Once this is completed we will register the branch with the revenue commissioners for a tax number.

If you intend to trade in Ireland we can advise you on all the tax registration and requirements.

For pay rolling an employee in Ireland ,we can manage the payroll calculation and filing requirements with the revenue.


Contact our office for a consultation on foreign companies doing business in Ireland, all the requirements and submission documents.

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